Help me get a cyber stalker/bully banned on Twitter and Facebook

Help me get a cyber stalker/bully banned on Twitter and Facebook

I need someone to help me get a cyberstalker/bully who has caused a lot of harm to my family and business banned from both Twitter and Facebook permanently. All my efforts have failed this far. She is a spammer and I have tried that route. However, even with the threats and what not, the law and the various social networks will not do anything and she never gets suspended for long.

If you can help me get her suspended permanently, I will give you a bonus which we will discuss in instructions. I do not want her hacked! I want her reported for spam & her malicious activities to get her banned.


I need someone who can help me get a person who is a cyber stalker /bully permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook.

Skills Required

bot twitter facebook


i will hack her accounts and deactivate it, so she will never be able to get access on it.price $300 because this is ilegal.

hello there. i will do this for you for 10$. i am very good at getting into people's minds and making sure they correct their wrongs. additionaly, i can make a ghost facebook account to torture her the same way she has been doing to you, and see how she likes it. please order my bid and we can start correspondence immediately, as well as i can give

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