Content creation for IOS video editing app

Content creation for IOS video editing app

Hi professionals!
I need help creating content within my video editing app called Sympler. The app is a free iOS video app that lets users easily create 20 second videos set to music. I need 40 different videos to be published within the app using provided video and audio content. Each video will use the same audio and video content but just needs vary in the order and timing of the clips. Since the videos are 20 seconds in length each should take only about 1-2 minutes to create. Anyone who has an understanding of basic video editing and a sense of rhythm can complete this task.

Here is an example of how to create a video within the app


- Have access to an ios 7.1 capable device
- Be able to download Sympler (free) from the app store
- Create an account within the app and login
- Make 40 videos (20 seconds each) using the audio and video content I provide
- Publish all 40 videos into the app
- Completed within 3 days

Skills Required

Video Music Editing


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