Setup Masonry Grid Pin Interest Photo Album

Setup Masonry Grid Pin Interest Photo Album

Hi i have registered a pin interest account and will need someone to help me download and dump all my product photos into the pin interest and setup a Masonry Grid photo gallery and provide me with the embedding code for me to embed into my website. The photo gallery layout must have pin interest style with product description for me to key in myself later.

I'd like the page to display images of various widths and heights that neatly flow together, be equally spaced and laid out. The images don't need to link to anywhere, but it would be nice for them to open in a lightbox and perhaps have a title text.

This explains what I'm after more clearly:

I believe this could well be the answer: ( I like the drag feature)

And here are some nice examples:

Let me know if you have any questions.



setup pin interest Masonry Grid album/photo gallery in my pin interest account and give me the embedded codes for me to embed to my website.

I need the photo album style to look like this. The pin interest layout style when I receive the code.

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Pininterest Masonry


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