Yahoo Answers (Y!A) Level 2 accounts

Yahoo Answers (Y!A) Level 2 accounts

I'm buying Yahoo Answers (Y!A) Level 2 accounts on a regular basis
100 accounts per month are required.
Looking for long term cooperation, ~$1.25/acc
Let me know the best price you can provide


You provide me a list of Yahoo Answers (Y!A) Level 2 accounts

Skills Required

account registration


i agree, you just order me.

dear hiring sir
today i have found this job.i am interested to your job .i am very excited to assist you to making your work successful .if you give me this work you will get best performance from me . i am mostly on google or skype. we can discuss there in a quick way,
if you are interested.i am waiting for you
best regards & your affecti

these are the best quality and created manually and will have 1/2 best answers already.


if you are looking to source these accounts from multiple sellers then i can provide 4 accounts for $5 per month. they are manually created by myself (a native uk english speaker) and they will not have any spam links posted. obviously, this is nowhere near the 100+ a month you are looking for but it all helps!
contact me if any queries or questio

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