Yout Tube Views And Twitter

Yout Tube Views And Twitter

I sell numerous SEO services including You Tube Views and Twitter.
I need someone RELIABLE who will deliver on time every time and someone who can cope with multiple orders. They cannot be late. You must also offer 100% refund on late orders. I have been let down numerous times, if it is late it costs me money. Please only reply if you can achieve in 24 hours. I will make you my main supplier between 2-50 gigs a day


1. You tube views 5000 for $1.00 MUST BE WITHIN 24 HOURS
2. You Tube Views 30,000 for $5.00 MUST BE WITHIN 4 DAYS
3. TWITTER FOLLOWERS $1.00 for 1500 must be within 2 days
4. TWITTER 10,000 etc

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