FB page with 10000-50000 likes

FB page with 10000-50000 likes

his has to be "real" "american" students and I will only buy the account if the account is real active students. I know that there are freelancers out there who will provide 10,000 likes for $5 to $10 but they are with bots or with real accounts that are not active "american college" students but I do not want that. I am not trying to increase the number of real likes to a page with real accounts that are not students so I can interact with real students.

he people who like my page MUST be 1) Active 2) English Speaking Person in (Canada, United States, or England) 3) High School or College students.

Once you are done with the project, I will take several days checking accounts to see if they are real accounts. If bots are used to add people to like the page, or if fake students with real accounts are used that has no activity, I will not buy the account.


Facebook page with 10000-50000 likes

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