Install FFmpeg to my VPS

Install FFmpeg to my VPS

Looking for someone who will Teach me: how to install FFmpeg with libraries enabled: gpl, libass, libfdk-aac, libfreetype, libfontconfig, libfribidi, libmp3lame, libopus, libtheora, libvorbis, libvpx, libx264, libx265, nonfree.


1. Teach me: how to Install FFmpeg with all the required libraries above to my VPS.
2. Give me the location where installed.
3. Make the issue solved: You should see that everything is OK, which is indicated by a green check icon. If there is even a single red cross icon, you should fix it.

4. Give me all the instructions in a doc file including the commands you use.

Skills Required

Centos7 Linux Ffmpeg


please order me now

hi sir,

i can do this for you, im over 8 years system administrator for different hosting company's.

i can do this for you

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