Teach me how to use VPS with Jingling

Teach me how to use VPS with Jingling

I want to know how i can run jingling on VPS. Not only 1 time, but many times, so i need more IP's do i guess.
If you know a provider and can teach me how i can run lets say, 10 times jingling on VPS, please make your offer.
I do not know what your knowledge is worth, so just come with your offer

Kind regards Amalie Guthof


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Skills Required

Vps Hoster Hosting


hello, i will teach you all you need to know about how to run vps on jingling. the guide i will provide to you will reveal all you need to know about vps & jingling.
kindly place your order now.


i can offer you two solutions to running multiple jingling bots on same pc or vps.

1) provide your pdf guide $5
2) completely setup jingling vps $75 (order 15 quantity)

provide pdf guide (1-2 days)
this solution will cost you only $5 and i will simply handover the ebook to you with my special working method aft

i will make simple website for you

i will send you the right steps to run vps with jingling. i can deliver this before the deadline me.

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