Send 2k emails for 50 days. Start asap.

Send 2k emails for 50 days. Start asap.

I am looking for someone to hire and someone who can send 2,000 daily emails to recipients for 50 days.

Please bid and we will start as soon as possible.

Please make sure that you can send all 2,000 emails within a day that will last for 50 days.

The price is $15 for the 50 days sending job.

Please message me for more info and so we can discuss about this job.


Bulk mailer
Daily report

Skills Required

Bulk Email Sending


bidding on the terms agreed. please confirm.

i am a kind of internet junky , spend almost 6-7 hours on internet a day !
i think this qualifies me for this job , but the price is low !
just saying !


give you a software to get real and active emails from social networks

i can do this for you or i can sell you a software that allows you to do this yourself. if you want to know more about the software pm me.

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