My Organic Search Keywords Everymonth MELTING!

My Organic Search Keywords Everymonth MELTING!

Dear All,

We are facing with organic keyword melting issue last 2 months.

We started to build new backlinks in November 2019 and until May 2020 everything was going to perfect!
After May Our keywords started to melting and last month we have got only 26 organic keywords and this month only 21 and next month will be less than 10 and after next month we will lose every single organic keyword.

We don't know what happened and why we lose these keywords but we have a lot of many many strong backlinks.

It is not related to backlinks, It looks like related about google penalty or google url_parameters.

If anybody knows how to solve that problem after that we will work with this person monthly regularly to improve our SEO.

Please do not send me a random bid if you don't know how to fix this problem!


Must be know how to gain back organic keywords
Must be know how to check google penalty and google URL_Parameters


Skills Required

SEO keyword backlink organic search



i have read your all requirement. after march, you are losing your organic search keywords because of google last algorithm update.
many popular site had been effected of this update.

if you want to improve your website then you have to focus on last update issue and optimize all

so, i can help to improve your website p

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