Need SEO report/screenshot of links or attributes.

Need SEO report/screenshot of links or attributes.

Hello, I am working on a college project and need to show some evidence of SEO efforts or market validation/awareness. Its about a fintech start-up website, and we need creative forms of evidence towards market efforts. Below are the requirements, it does not matter how many people reached, but as long as there is proof (report & screenshots) of efforts in the SEO domain, its good.


1) Entire project completed strictly in 24 hours or less from time of this post.
2) Screenshots of backlinks & people promoting to our website (eg blog, articles, social media posts etc), or other SEO stuff that clearly shows some form market validation/presence (eg people commenting on our idea/website) .
3) Report of evidence of analytics/promotion of effort made to reach out to a wider audience.
4) A couple (~5) url that have evidence of promotion for our website.

Skills Required


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