Negative Seo - Duplicate content

Negative Seo - Duplicate content

Ok, I want anything that could put two competitive sites down. Apart from the usual spamming (I'm going to buy some backlinks too), what I want is duplicate content in posts, forums, sites, blogs and so on.


I would like a form of duplicate content, by creating a platform- or function- with specific versions of each site. Well, both sites are also duplicated, so let's consider it's the same. site

I want the content of these site as many times as possible on the web, in many and different places.

Please let me know if you are able to do this. I would like also a document that will provide the proof of each post/comment with that duplicate content. The more the merrier (:

Thank you in advance for your time and attention

Skills Required

seonukecr seo expert


lets do this and get you 2 competitive sites down by posting a duplicate contents,posts etc etc and other techniques which i know for negative seo.

thank you

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