We Need Testing Our Software

We Need Testing Our Software

Our company needs people who will install the software and test all function, let it run 5,10 or even 24h to check if it crash or handle and make notes and send us also log file generated by software.

Software needs Internet connexion, we do recommend at least 20MB/s dl speed; to be able run 40 Threrads for increasing and 40 Threads when validating proxies.

Computer should also be at least 4GB Ram and procesor 1,8 GHz min. and must be CLEAN from any illegal software which can cause your computer slow and the test and results will not be accurate.

PS: ONLY SERIOUS BIDs please, if we not contact you it will means we choose someone else, so please do not abuse our inbox.

Thanks all members.

This is prerelease as the official NON Beta version will be released after testing, however it is ready to purchase as well if you will be interested.


Please keep in mind you need to have min. 20Mb/s Download speen which we will verified by Teamviewer, then also your computer should handle the software so at least 4GB ram recommended.
Then is all ok.

Skills Required



hey ?i can do it on my xeon e5/e7 2gb /4 cores/ 2 gb guaranteed ram,15k rpm , 1gbps? bandwith!

hello there,
i will test your software for you and report you with any details you need.

i just acquired a new pc about 3 weeks ago, so i only have a few program installed on it.
i don't know of the download speed, but it is a pc of 4gb ram, 2.4ghz, 250gb hdd, intel core 2duo and some other.
dont know if this meets your requirement

i will do that as requested and provide real review

'the data center system that will run your software continue for month.
current system running hitleap,otohits.

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