Show me how to become craigslist power user

Show me how to become craigslist power user

This is a long shot but ill like to become a Craigslist power user ( someone who post multiple times throughout the day on multiple boards ) I know very little something with proxies and multiple emails etc....

I want to learn because I run a well-saturated business (computer repair and phone repair shop) and craigslist has already multiple power users posting 20 times a day.


get into detail how this is possible

links to where I can buy or download things that I require

add instructions how to setup and execute the plan

Skills Required

Posting Proxies Proxy Craigslist


have a wonderful day.

though you are from usa and cl also is an usa company so you will get the huge facility for publishing regular 20+ ads on your own city. for publishing to other city there have some tricks and techniques for every usa user. i shall give you minimum 5 tricks to become a powerful user.


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