Im looking for a PHP webmaster for small project

Im looking for a PHP webmaster for small project

I need assistance with finalizing my website which is already in opperation. The website is built in PHP. The site is subscriber based where my users can upload photo, video , chat , comment , vote etc. I need a new HD Photo Gallery controlled by users , affiliate software for the three levels of users BASIC/GOLD/PLATINUM. that can provide different links with different % of income from referrals.


PHP expert / Affiliate Software / Great Price / Has to be complete within 2-5 days.

Skills Required

Html Css Javascript Ajax Wordpress


hello sir

i am ready for work



i have a lot of experience with different projects. please pm me for references.

thank you

ya i am ready to work with you.i have over 4 years experience in php programming..??
when to start??

i have worked on similar projects and have a good experience with web technologies that will come to use to develop the mentioned applications.
i can :

  • develop multi-level affiliate tracking application
  • setup hd image gallery

hey solidi3,
i read you documentation carefully and came to point that this job falls under my skills. your price is ok. as you need some help in php coding, i am ready.i think there are three modules in your project that is basic, gold and platinum. so you want

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