code Google Local Search API with Google sheets

code Google Local Search API with Google sheets

First, there is an API for Google Local service ads (also called "Google Guaranteed"), which appears on the top of google searches for some keywords. (like "plumber in atlanta" or "roofer in miami").
this website has more information about this API:

you can see where the search happens here:

i want to incorporate and connect this API into a google sheet so that it will ask me to input/select the search words and the city location, and then it will output and return the results with information about each business:
1) company name
2) company location (city/state)
3) phone number
4) rating score (how many stars out of 5)
5) how many years in business?
6) type of business

so each of these will have column inside the google sheets, and it will give the list of the companies with their information.


you will have to know about google sheets and app script to be able to code. and how to use APIs

Skills Required

coding googlesheets APIs javascript python


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