Buy it Now Button Codes Need updating on website

Buy it Now Button Codes Need updating on website

Hi there. I have a "Buy Social Likes" website which is in need of a little update.
I purchased the website through auction website so i purchased the domain and website as shown above. The "Buy Now" buttons are linked to a pay pal account in another country and are limited for payments as the pay pal account has not been verified so i am looking for someone who can update the Buy Now buttons using my pay pal codes.
I can create the codes if necessary and send them in word / text format from my verified pay pal account.

Otherwise if someone could create a verified pay pal account (UK) and install the codes to all the buy now buttons in the script i would be more than greatful.

The website address is Buy Seo Fans (.) c o m to give you an idea of how many buttons need updating.


website and script knowledge, with insight into updating pay pal buy it now button codes.
There are roughly 8 Buy Now Buttons which have drop down price options.Please see the website for more information.

Skills Required

Programming Script Paypal Codes Buynowbuttons


i can help you with your buy now button

i am using paypal buy now buttons on my website too. i can do this task easily. thanks!

just send me code and give me access to help you out

i will update all the paypal buttons with your code.

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