Program a mockup app in either andriod or apple.

Program a mockup app in either andriod or apple.

I need this app to be done for Android first

The maximum price is for a basic alpha. There are people that can create a basic app for $5. I want quality. If it is quality then you will receive a contract to complete the work into a full program for more money. This is a test to showcase your skills.

I have posted the time for completion as 14 days. Let me know as I do not have previous mobile programming experience if this is a good completion time or not.

You have to be able to create a database by location for different companies all supplying the same service.

The companies will have reviews and ratings assigned to them based on app users input.

The app will be able to take credit card payment information and send a text/email with location and payment info to a wireless device for processing.

The app will need to access a gps to find the closest local companies in their area.

That's all the info you get!


1. Press button
2. GPS location
3. Services in area + rating and review
4. select service and get price quote based on distance
5. accept or decline
6. Enter credit card payment info
7. After approval device forwards location and destination to email/wireless phone
6. after service rendered, ability to leave rating and review

Skills Required

programming apple android sdk gps payment services


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