Develop Application using Flutter

Develop Application using Flutter

The Project
This consists of tracking items using RFID tags.

Scope of Work
We will provide the developer with some layout screens (Product storage, product settings, moving product and items related to product storage) - see PDF file attached. The developer will only provide a working application for the screens provided - other items referenced (e.g for Product dispatch) will be ignored.

Screens and Layout
We have provided detailed layouts of each screen complete with buttons and workings. We would like the developer to reconstruct the screens using Flutter (screens have a simple tabular format with standard buttons).

Our in-house programmer will provide data as follows:

  • RFID Reader >>> will read RFID Tags >>> Data (tag codes) will be provided in a table format
  • The developer will use data provided and store it in a database. The data will then be used from database to display in the screen layouts provided.
  • the developer can request how he wants the data provided and can work with the programmer to provide data using a database
  • Sytem will work on a local server and will sync with web server


Screens & layout can be downloaded here:
PDF File

The PDF file contains links or references shown in purple. You can search for the reference link in the PDF file to view the screen/window referenced (sorry - we did not have time to insert link references in the PDF files)

Skills Required

java javascript Flutter


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