Coder for Privat cheat for games

Coder for Privat cheat for games

Hello i need a coder for privat cheats about Steam game Rust

[Hwid Spoofer]MB/Bios/HDD-SSD/Ram/Network/Clean Traces
[Visual]CrosshairCustom ESP Colors / Custom Item ESP ColorsDraw; FPS, Time, Resolution[Player ESP]NameBounding BoxBoneHealthDistanceHead DotVisibility CheckCurrently Item Of Enemy

[Item ESP]Collectables (Hemp, Mushroon, Pumpkin, Corn)Pickups (Wood, Stone, Metal, Sulfur)Ores (Metal Ore, Stone Ore, Sulfur Ore)Creats (Tool Create, Normal Create, Military Create, Elite Create, Barrel)Traps (Snap Trap, Shotgun Trap, Auto Turret, Flame Turret, Landmine, Sam Site, Wooden Spike)Animals (Bear, Wolf, Boar, Stag, Horse)Others (Storage Box, Airdrop, Bradley, Helicopter, Tool Cupboard)

[Aimbot]Bone (Head, Neck and Body)Velocity PredictionBullet Drop PredictionVisibility CheckCustimizable SmoothCustumizable Fov Size - Fov CircleAnti Shake AimVarious Aim Keys

[Misc]No RecoilNo SpreadDouble JumpSpider ManNo Fall DamageAlways DayWater Boost (Fast Swim)Admin Mode (Debug Cam, No Clip and all other Admin permissions.)and auto weapon detection


you must abel to code a privat cheat and bypass Easy anti cheat and Battle eys

Skills Required

c php python


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