SEOClerk Affiliate Store with LATEST Features from the API

SEOClerk Affiliate Store with LATEST Features from the API

I would like to Purchase either a PHP SCRIPT (using format below), or a Wordpress Theme Affiliate Store (or script) for the SEOClerk's API

NONE of the Affiliate Stores I've seen that are currently Available by other Sellers, offer some of the most Valuable Data Provided by the API

Such as:
  • The Ability to Call & Display WTB & WTT Data from particular Users.
For example, I usually Follow my Top Affiliates. Therefore, I receive Alerts from them whenever they Post a WTB Request. (I believe Alerts can even be incorporated into a script, but not required)
  • So if USER: 'go4mart' is one of my Affiliates (or if one of my Affiliates Provides a Service that matches a WTB Request)

  • I want to be able to Match Service Requests with Service Providers
And, since I want my Affiliates to Spend $, let's say I help them find a Seller or Service Provider by posting their WTB request on my Blog or elsewhere (via my affiliate Link).

I thought of this, because, it's much easier to drive SELLERS to SEOClerks, than BUYERS.
So, although I may not make $ on Acquiring the Seller via my Affiliate ID initially, I will eventually- and Hope to make Commission on BOTH ENDS of the Transaction in the long run.



  • Can either be PHP Script

  • A Wordpress Theme/Plugin

But must have the latest MENU TREE from the API
(and the ability to Call WTT/WTB Requests)

Skills Required

Script Php api seoclerk store affiliat


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