SPINTAX GENERATOR - Excel Macro or C# .NET Windows Forms Application

SPINTAX GENERATOR - Excel Macro or C# .NET Windows Forms Application

We need an Excel Macro In A Spreadsheet OR C# .NET Windows Forms Application that can generate ALL possibilities/combinations from the entered spintax formatted text.

There could be many combinations of a spintax text we know and that can run for a long time.
It's OK, we will use it wisely.

But it's really important to generate not random combinations, but creating every possible combinations in a logical order.


Must support nested spintax like this:

{this|it} is {{an example|a great example} of nested spintax|a nested spintax}

Must support empty value like this:

Must support shuffling syntax (all elements in random order) like this:
I like ~{apple, |orange, |pear, }grape.

Must support special character escaping using the
character like:
one {or|\|} zero

Must show the number of all possible combinations before starting the generation
Must show status percentage during generating all possibilities
Must save the results in a text file or excel sheet
Must be RAM optimized, so results should be saved and not all stored in the memory

Must deliver the source code

Skills Required


i will develop a c# winfrom application to generate text using provided spintax formatted text. this program will include all the features you have listed in the job description.

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