Simple app solution for adding files

Simple app solution for adding files

Hi i am looking for simple app solution to ease up process i am doing currently.

i use qbittorrent 64bit ( torrent client to create .torrent files. only down side is lets say i have 10 sub items (folders or files) in a root folder that i need to create 10 separate torrents.

i have to drag and drop one by one which is time consuming.

is there any possibility of using an add-on or similar to such torrent client, that i just drag and drop whole set of folders or just the root folder at once and then make .torrent file for each sub folder automatically and continue seeding in qbittorrent as usual.

any thoughts? if you have any other torrent client that can do the same without crashing, let me know.

Example usage : lets say we have 2 txt + 2 rar + 3 zip + 3 sub folders etc under root folder set in app settings kinda. so totally 10 torrents should be created for each sub item

this just a very simple requirement i am asking. nothing advanced. let me know the possibility. The app i am using currently, just not support that simple no brainer feature yet which is kinda essential to my productivity.


I need a simple solution as described above that

  • I drag and drop or browse a root folder and then for each sub item in that root folder, a .torrent file must be created with the given settings in qBittorent
  • and once created it should automatically start force seeding status
  • and a copy of the .torrent file(s) should be copied to a directory path that I set in additional settings (since qBittorent does not have such setting I have to set it explicitly in the give solution)

Skills Required

Programming Coding Software Application Apps


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