Create My Twitter Tool

Create My Twitter Tool

I am looking for someone who can Create a Twitter Bot for me in Google, Sheets/Docs.
What I am looking for from the Bot.

The Bot must be able to send DMs to all my new Followers,
This Bot must also be able to Post to my Twitter account, from a list of post, These post should be made once every 30-45 Minutes.
I should be able to create Post and Attach pictures that I would like to be posted.

So, Sending DM to New Followers, I should also be able to Customize the DM that will be sent whenever I wish, And the Bot will post to my account once every 30-45 minutes, I should be able to add Images to each Post.

Bot should allow me to create a list of Posts, the minimum I should be able to create 25 different posts that the bot can post choose from.


Bot Must be built using GoogleSheets or GoogleDocs.

Bot must allow me to create a custom DM that will be sent to all of my new followers.

Bot Must post to my Twitter Account once every 30-45 Minutes from a list of no less than 25 posts, When creating posts I should also have the option to attach an Image that will be posted whenever the bot chooses to post that selected post.

Skills Required

Programming Php Java Javascript Css Html


* auto reply to tweets for your search quarry
* post tweet time to time
* welcome tweet to new followers

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