Need expert in networking and Packet tracer

Need expert in networking and Packet tracer

am looking for some one who is good at networking and know how to use it. I have specific order you can read it below .
This is an assignment for university so you know how this work(( its a scenario )) if you up to this , i`ll keep in touch with you and send the whole file

good luck to everyone


1-Screen shot : as much as you can its like evidence for this order . When you write a command or put the router etc etc Take a Screen shot

2-from time to time try save what you did like this : step 1 file when you done some task save file ( step 2 ) so when i handle the final work it will have couple of files that tell i didn`t do it the assignment in one step.

here some thing you will be ask to do it

Finally you must discuss and reflect on the outcomes of the lab, answer the accompanying technical questions, and include your working and answers for calculations. Screenshots and diagrams must also be included and discussed. You must also include screenshots, including your network diagram.

Documentation and work to hand in:

After you have completed the lab work you must submit the following by the deadline:
a) Reflection on preparation work and references,
b) Packet Tracer diagram and calculations
c) Summary and reflection on lab outcomes, supported by screenshots and diagrams where appropriate, plus answers to questions.

Skills Required

packet tracer network cisco


i fit do am ooh, no just worry aswr

i fit do am ooh, no just worry aswr

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