PHP Script and programmer with web design experience needed !!

PHP Script and programmer with web design experience needed !!

Project description

Creating a 1:1 copy of a existing webpage with wordpress and Divi Builder PHP Script and programmer with experience needed !!

Description of the job: Creating a new website using wordpress and divi builder is your task.
The landing page you have to copy is
Constucting with Theme Divi Builder
For the construction of the page you take as far as possible the rows and widgets of the Wordpress Theme “Divi Builder”, which we provide you with and you need to know.
The lizense of wordpress and Divi Builder you will get from us.

Design Target : The design must be the same one to one (1to1) onall devices as on the original website from

This includes, for example, the font sizes, spacing, colors, characters, the
calculator, menu, footer, ect. – just everything!
Format: PC, Tablet andMobile
No matter in what format: PC, tablet or mobile.The design of the website must be a copy that looks exactly the same! So important
: Mobil design ready – mobil phone and tablet
ContentYou have to copy two sites of myright:
1. The start page ( with its slider and the included calculator and
2. the menu point “Abgsaskandal” with the with the unfilled calculator (please check:
3. with the calculation result (after filling out the formular on start page) or Calculator: User can choose car brand, buying price, distance of use in km and year of construction “Anspruch berechnen”
start the calculation (see our excel formular) = Result
Because the calculator has only two fields, which are relevant for the calculation, we provide you with a Excel calculation
formular and its results.

This calculator is a very important part of the website !! 1. Startpage:


1. the menu point “Abgsaskandal” with the unfilled calculator (please check:

1. The “Result” of the calculation

Data Export of calculation:

Theformular must be able to send all user data (car brand, distance, buying price,
date of construction and result) to our email address. Other User data from
Formular on side 2 must be able to send to our email address.

PHP Script and programmer with experience needed !!

Furthermore you have to copy the following sites:

· (including formular)


· (blogarticles)

- All other menu points are not needed.

All website design should do with Divi Builder and Widgets

Hardcoding is only allowed for calculator and slider

Thank you!

Skills Required

Php Css Programming Webdesign Divi Builder Experience


we have a strong web developer team .we work in a group.we will configure custom listing package for your site and other customization.
please feel free to contact us

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