Add Custom scripts, events, api, php developer

Add Custom scripts, events, api, php developer

Hi, I'm looking for developer I can use permanently to help me with website code task.

Here's the current issue I'm having, however I have more after..

Recently, I started using a website called The website tracks users who visits my website.

The website has additional options to add a script to the website after users sign up to email list, it's possible to send that information to improperly so that it can add additional information to the specific visitor.

Here's the information that improperly needs to properly send data to through javascript...

Labeling visitors allows you to search your website activity by e-mail address, username or other identifier using the People Explorer. It also aids in cross-device conversion tracking (e.g. when someone signs up on one device, and makes a purchase on another).

Change the highlighted portion to reflect the name for the current visitor, then paste this code anywhere in your webpage after the Website Code you already added.

<script type="text/javascript">

improvely.label('your code to print visitor's e-mail goes here');


For example, if your website is programmed in PHP and you have a user's e-mail address in a variable named $email, you could add this code to your webpage:

<script type="text/javascript">

improvely.label('<?php echo $email; ?>');


You can also provide some additional properties to display on the visitor's profile:

<script type="text/javascript">


label: '<?php echo $user['username']; ?>',

name: '<?php echo $user['full_name']; ?>',

email: '<?php echo $user['email']; ?>'




Must be able to communicate in english,
May need to speak on skype sometimes
Must have expertise skills in javascript, php, api

Skills Required

Php Java Javascript Events Html


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