PHP plugin Developer required

PHP plugin Developer required

I am using a affilaite plugin software to manage our affiliate programed at our website.
We need some modification to it so if any developer is there and want to do the change let us know . Our budget it also limited and if this work seem work , we will like to hire on monthly basis for small small correction also,

Changes required is
When open affilaite link page at member panel it showed as below
Your affiliate ID is: 79ef8f27273a0f33cb95892143d8c0a5
Your referral URL is:

1. Affiliate id need to replace by user name which
use at the time of registration by form filling or auto login using google, twitter, facebook etc
2. And referral url need to appear as
3. After that need to add a social share button and a copy url option using which user can copy the referral url to share somewhere or can share the individual url to social media
( easy social share plugin is compatible with our script for social share )

We will share plugin to make the correction


Php Devloper
Php plugin

Skills Required

Php Plugins Developer


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