Solve PHP/mysqli problem + provide working source code

Solve PHP/mysqli problem + provide working source code

here's my problem :

I created a simple php user registration + login system...
everything works fine... the user can register and log in + form data is stored in database... after login the user lands on index.php, which is the main user profile... I got it to work so that it shows the username that logged in on that index, "welcome user123" ... now I want other database data of that user to be displayed on that user's index.php too, e.g. registration date, or any other database fields I choose... I tried to echo the data just like the username is echoed but it doesn't work for some reason...

I need you to find the mistake and fix it, so I also can display other user database data of the logged-in user on the users index.php / profile... and also please show me where I was wrong so I learn it for the future... I can provide you with all php code(s) ... my codes are all really very basic since I'm a php beginner ... so If you're experienced with php and mysqli it should probably take you about 10-15 minutes to fix my problem ...


- php / mysqli knowledge
- change / add php code so my goal is reached (display selected database data of the logged in user on his/her index.php)
- provide working solution
- let me know how you fixed it and where my mistake was

Skills Required

Php Coding Database Mysql


i can do this and deliver within the shortest time

i can do this and deliver within the shortest time

i can have a look where you are doing mistake in the code and correct it. contact me first before ordering with the souce codes and problem.

hi trvmp ,
i am full stack web developer
i am expert in html, css, javascript, php, mysql
i can solve you problem with team viewer or any other way you like
i can solve it in less than 10 minutes after i start working on the error

hi,hope i can help you,i am interested to work with you,i will include ather user data from the database,and teach you how i did it.
please feel free to order^^

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