Marry a Game Site with GPT Script/App - I own the code.

Marry a Game Site with GPT Script/App - I own the code.

I am starting my search here at SEOClerks.
I like the site and some very friendly people here.
Honestly... I don't trust some of the other sites... I have seen nearly half of one sites scripts being given away on another site after being decoded. I can't use the n double ll word... I got flagged for spam.

Anyhow.. here it goes.

I spent an hour typing everything I wanted and accidentally clicked out of it.

So, now I am annoyed and need coffee.

Here is the basic outline.

I have game templates I own and have the right to change, and manipulate.

Php and Html5 I think.

I can purchase the correct template if needed.

I also own source code to a GPT script/android app.

I purchased it once and have the rights to use it as many times as I like and

manipulate it, etc.

Before I go on, I am looking for a partnership of sorts.

Everything will be confirmed and agreed on in writing,

The script/app (explain that next) that I am commissioning with the $100

will be owned by you and by me.

I am providing source code and game templates.

This script will be like NOTHING available in the over saturated money app market.

I want the script to be sought after and only 10 licenses available in the first 12 months.

You get 5 and I get 5.

We agree on a minimum sale price.

Supply and demand will earn you an easy $699 for the app.

OR.. host it and buyer only has use of the admin area for admin stuff.

Charge monthly fee that includes hosting. $120-$150 a month.

After 12 months, he/she owns the single license to continue to use.

They will have to pay to move the hosting or they can continue to pay hosting fees of about $10 a month.

I will list my requirements.

As a co owner, you may add features and benefits that

you think are a good idea as well.

The backend needs to have the following:

Earnings and winnings need to be tickets or points.

No coins or money to be spent or earned gambling...aka games playing and winning.

It is a USA thing.

Gambling is very controlled here.

Referral earnings are tokens or coins.

Value to be configured in the back end.

Tokens or Coins can be used to buy tickets or points at a ratio determined in the backend.

This is important. Members cannot level up with just referrals.

Level up with tickets or points earned or spent.

There needs to be some sort of counter that shows the following:

Tickets or Points WON playing -

Tickets or Points Earned -

Tickets or Points Spent -

Any combo of Earned and Spent = next level.

It is imperative that members are completing the offers and making money.

Member can have 100 referrals who do nothing and then money is lost.

At least 3 levels of referrals and choice of % earned.

If you add more, ability to choose only 3.

At least 4 membership levels and the ability to choose % of Offer earnings

and how many tickets/points they need to earn to level up.

If I set with the advertiser 80/20 ... 20% goes to running the program.

Overage goes back to members in bonus tickets/points.

80% is the profit.

Membership level will set what percentage they earn of the 80%.

and how many tickets earned and or spent to level up.

Each level will earn higher percentage of profits.

If you want more membership levels, ability to choose 4 levels.

There should be perameters to check if an ad/Offer is age/gender or area specific.

In those parameters, I would need a Member Level option.

All Members

Level 3 - 4 only

Level 4 Only

Part of the draw getting to Level 4 is the exclusive high dollar ads/offers.

Ability to set a value for tickets to dollars for payout or gift card.

ex. 300 tickets/points = $1.00

Members will play more and spend more if the numbers look high.

If they perceive to have a lot to play with, they will play.

The more they play, the more tickets they will need, the more offers they will do.

Winnings and Earnings payouts-

I need PP, (can't spell the PP out... flagged for spam. You know.. the pay site with the 2 blue P's) , Payza, and the ability to pick gift cards with dollar amounts and put up a pic.

You can add anything you think is good.

I need to be able to check the ones I want and only those are visable.

The scripts are mobile friendly...but there should be an iOS app?

If not... that's fine... as long as there is the app that can be sent to Google Play.

Oh... most important... getting paid from advertisers.

I would like as many ad servers you can add and the ability to

ad a company. I am signed up with several right now and more to apply to.

The script I have now I can ad my own advertisers, but it would be nice to have a majority of them

already in the script.

Some thoughts on upgrades and new features..

Bugs and fixes... those that purchased get the update free.

If the buyer paid over $600 for the script /app and you are adding a new game

or some new cool module, I would say free upgrades when available for the first year.

These new games and modules can be addons.

After the first year, previous buyers can buy for 1/2 price.

New buyers pay for the extra modules.

I apologize for being wordy... but I think it is important for whoever is going to

work with me, get a feel for my business practices.

I am fair and reasonable.

I do have definate things I want to see... but I am open to ideas and negotiating.

And speaking of negotiating...we can negotiate minimum sale price for the second year and

discuss the amount of licenses that we want to be available.

Hard to get makes the price go way up... Limited apps in the market place means more

members for the buyer and less competition.

Under no circumstance do I want any buyer to be granted unlimited license to install and sell.

It's one only per purchase.

If a buyer is on a 12 month pay plan/hosting plan... and they sell the website, you are free to decide

how you want to handle your sale/buyer.

I would have in the terms that the buyer doesn't own the script until it has been paid in full.

He/she is committed to paying off the website in full and cancelling payment does not end his financial

obligation. If he/she wishes to get out of the business and sell the website, payment must be made in full before

transfer of site is granted.

It is rather easy to sell a high ticket business idea/plan if on an affordable payment plan.

When I sold furniture... I didn't sell just a living room for $1200, I sold them a Living Room, Bedroom, and

some area rug for $200 a month ... 0% financing. They got more, for an initial $1000 less out of pocket...

but really paying 2x what they came in with.. but kept $1000 cash in pocket.

So... I need the right person to take what I have... marry them.... work your code magic.

$100 , the code, and 5 new and not available for sale anwhere else game/rewards app that

will easily bring in $600+. Possible $3,000... or keep one and earn on that and sell the other 4.

Oh.. and if I sell my 4...I will pay you to install it for the buyer and whatever it is to reskin it.

(I will provide logo)

If you are up for the challange and are 100% confident you can do this...


Thanks, Mary



Please contact me if interested.
Please have experience and examples of work.
While I know everyone needs to start somewhere, and everyone deserves a chance.....
I just don't have the time or money to be patient with someone who is new or just learned... or this
is a first solo project.
I am a divorced, unemployed Mom of 4, who has invested some funds in order to make some money to supplement my unemployment checks... which are running out soon.
I don't even have a credit card. If it is not on my debit card... I don't buy it.
I need someone who can bang this out and is ready to make some decent money.

Skills Required

Android Php Coding App


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