Create Website Form and Collect Info in Spreadsheet style

Create Website Form and Collect Info in Spreadsheet style

I have a wordpress website, I have website hosting.
I would like to add a login first.
Once logged in the user would have to fill out a contact form.
Instead of the contact form sending me an email with the info, i want the info to stay collected in a spreadsheet.

It will be used at an office, and the front office worker will be inputing the info.
first there are two choices: Walk-in, Call-in
I want to be able to add a contact info for the rest.
i need some other fields that i may update or change later as to the reason for the visit today.

The main thing is now after the info has been collected and sent, I want to feed the info into a database, and I want to be able to view all entrees in an invoice style or like a list of emails, but i need to be able to change to sort by name, number, time, date, etc.
I need to be able to search the list to find a name or number, or any other field.

If you know a form builder that can accomplish this and you can set it up let me know.


I dont really want a custom built/coded site for this as i may need help with the code later, and may have trouble with it, or if wordpress updates and messes up the stuff, i would prefer a current plugin that satisfies my problem and will work with future updates.

It has to:

  • be a backend website for info to be filled out by my users.
  • modify input fields: Drop-down, date, number fields, selection
  • be able to collect info into a database for me to view, sort, and modify/add notes or update status
  • *bonus if it has a iPhone app to view data

Skills Required

Website Coding Database Internet


i can do it ..

hire me for best result. i will give you professional looking website fast..

i will develop it manual coding with database and php.i will make php contact form file .
next make database and make admin area to search and find all submission etc..

i have checked all of the options and i am able to complete the work by several plug ins based and will give you maximum. if i need to do programming than the prices will be high but every option will be full fill.



i have studied you requirement & i guess i will be able to do it very easily using an existing plugin. will even show you how to use this so that you can take care of future requirements.
will deliver it in 4 days.

place a order today !
thanks in advance


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