An application for creating fake members for Telegram

An application for creating fake members for Telegram

Dear Programmer Greeting,

We need your help for programming an application.

Project details:

An application for creating fake members in the well-known messaging
app, Telegram (website address:

- The application should have the following capabilities:

1. Creating a certain number of virtual numbers (for instance, 1 million

2. Registering these numbers in Telegram.

3. Joining them to the specified channels (without any limitations on
number of channels).

4. Viewing (visiting) all published posts (with an adjustable speed).

For more details, you can install Telegram on your Phone.

- ways to design the application.

There are two ways to create the application:

1. Using API of Telegram (given the access to channels in this method).

2. work with Mobile Telegram (to the best of our knowledge, similar
softwares use this method) (recommended).

For virtual numbers, a combination of bluestack and other softwares such
as Textnow can be used.

The reason we recommend Textnow is due to ease of register compared to
other programs.

furthermore, it don’t need another numbers for creating an account.

And finally, the lifetime of each account should be changed from 3
months (Default mode) to 1 year.

If you have done a similar work already, or you know a better way to
perform the project, we would be thankful if you explain it for us and
then do it.

Please let us know your requested cost and time who you needed for the


Stefan korzovic


it is required that the bot can;

1. create new telegram accounts
2. add members to channels
3. view posts in channel.

Skills Required

Python Program Programming Software Developer Coder


hello, i will give you 10 telegram account's from different ip address.

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