simple cryptocurrency calculator in wordpress or html

simple cryptocurrency calculator in wordpress or html

I Need an simple cryptocurrency calculator in wordpress or html

There is an cryptocurrency which name is "TBC"
1 TBC = 119.68824354 BTC

I need a simple converter which i can i use in wordpress checkout page or make a wordpress page with it.

which can convert USD >>TO>> TBC

They already have an converter which can do this from TBC >>TO>>USD
Have a look:

I just need alternative which convert USD to TBC

But there is an rule to set the TBC price.
TBC price is not fix .Its automatically increase 2% daily.
So you need to set the price which automatic increase by 2% daily.

I hope you understand


Here is a requirements again:

1. Need an currency converter which convert TBC to USD and GBP

2. TBC price currently:

1 TBC = 721565 USD
1 TBC = 544208 GBP

Note: the price automatic increase 2% daily. You need to set it on calculate so its automatic update price
or you can call it from there website:

3. You can do it via simple htm file or compatible with wordpress shortcode

ask me any question

Skills Required

Wordpress Javascript Php Html Css Programming


i can provide you a simple currency converter php script.
if you have interest then please order now .


i will do it for you .we have wordpress professional can work on it .we complete the task soon as possible .test everything well to fit on site

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