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  • I want a hTML+ javascript form
I want a java script+html form where the users have to input date of birth , mobile number month and year and submit .
On click submit the user will redirect to the following url

The Bold letters are the data collected from the form.
This is a Mobile form.


This is a Mobile form so it should fit in mobile. That's all.
Level Required: 2+

Skills Required

Html Java


$ lvl.
Yes I can do it for you
Yes i can do it for you. i can provide as you want on bid. thank you.
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$3 3 order now!
I will build the form for you
Order from me and i will have this done within 24 hours.
i will build the form according to your specification.

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i can do this for you
I can do this for you
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$2 2 order now!