I'm looking for a WordPress expert who can assist us with the website (, We did a full audit and there are several issues we need to fix. You can do an audit yourself to check it, but basically we need: 1. Having the theme actually make images with the proper sizes, because it currently resizes the original big images, wasting MB. 2. Fix javascript errors and optimize the code + minification 3. Minimize redirects and request sizes 4. Fix any other issues you can find with the website, there seems to be some problem with the server CPU sometimes where it goes in full load and gives back a lot of errors. You can see the attached file to see how many errors it reports when the CPU is running to full, we still have to determine what causes it. It seems it depends on mysql, we don't know what exactly though. Please let me know how much you would charge per task, we have already contacted someone who is pretty expensive for us, so we really need to compare prices. Thank you for your time!


Wordpress Website Knowlededge

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Wordpress Seoexpert Javascript Website


clear all error in wordpress website
gtmatrix 90+ score

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    i will fixing your site all error please contact me

    i can fix the issues and set it for maximum performance. keppin mind, all the reports from gtmetrix are not fixable and not needed as well. i'll fix all fixable issues, set new cache and server side object management and so on.

    you need to ensure me that, you're using a premium or good quality theme with latest updaes, a good hostin

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