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  • php search engine for website
I need a search system with a very simple carrier delivery site, where the customer will place the tracking code and some information will appear, for example:

tracking date, date of shipment, date of postage, place of shipment, destination, expected date of delivery,

description of the client, name, address, street, complement, zip, neighborhood and city.

and an adm panel or specifications to add the data to search.

I will pass all the necessary specifications and the translation of the language.


I need someone who specializes in php

Skills Required

Php Programmer Programming Programing Expert


$ lvl.
i can provide you php script with same feature
Hi sir, i can provide you php script with same feature but not possible in your budget.
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$50 2 order now!
search engine using php and angular
I will provide you very fast search system.please order me.
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  • proofzy

    Please contact me.. I can do that work for 20 euro.

    1 year ago