Prestashop expert for Big project

Prestashop expert for Big project

My site is currently hosted at OVH under prestashop in version 6.1.
This site contains a textile customization module that was created by a developer and installed
With its management interface.
This site only needs to be configured and personalized.

Responsive and dynamic form, I would like the following features:
- I would like a module of quotation step by step and display help bubbles on each step, or on an option.
- I wish that we can access the request for quotation either on the pages of the site via a tab REQUEST
QUERY or access directly to an article sheet of the site that the customer would have chosen by clicking on a

1. If we go directly to the QUOTE REQUEST tab without going through the articles,
Customer can choose step by step, an article relative to a list of categories of selected articles, for example Tee
Shirts, caps, jackets ... But once the category chosen by the customer it is necessary that the articles of this
Category translates into small images of items either in a slider that scrolls on the page with
Some info items like Brand, colors and price from.
I attached An example of a slider with an article.
2. There must be a quotation tab on each item cards of the site, in this case there will be no choice of product in the first step of the form but only the article chosen by the customer as a form or
Article information.
3. Quantity by size and color of the item in case the customer wishes several colors and sizes
4. Question: Would you like to customize your order? With 2 tabs for choices.
Compared to the response, steps 5 to 10 appear or not! In fact, if the customer decides not to
Customize items and wish blank t-shirts without marking steps 5 to 10 do not appear.
If the customer decides to personalize the items with embroidery or silkscreen printing steps 5 to 10 appears.
5. The type of marking (embroidery, silkscreening, flocking, sublimation ...)
6. The location and size of each marking and the number of colors of the logo to be printed.
This step will be represented by pictograms of Tee Shirt (with a heart-side frame, front face, face
Rear, etc. ...)
7. Individual packing option with a check box or unchecked box, a statement of additional charge will appear if the Answer YES and unchecked.
8. Option do you want to personalize by first name with a checkbox or to uncheck YES or NO and
A mention of surcout will appear if the answer YES and unchecked.

9. The possibility to download from 2 to 4 logos (front, back, right sleeve, left sleeve) according to the
Number of marks selected in step 6 the number of attachments will differ.
Example if the customer decides to mark the front panel and a sleeve there will be the possibility to download only 2
Which will match the customer's choice in step 6.
10. Choice of a normal order, Express or economic represented by 3 pictogram with mention
Explanation of over-dependence on choice.
11. A comment box
12. Customer information (civil status, contact details, etc.)
13. Once all the steps are completed, this module will ensure that you send an email with a summary of the request
The client and the site administrator.
This quote request will give either a direct encryption or a request that will be encrypted thereafter.
In the case of direct encryption it will of course be necessary to have an interface for setting up the tariff calculation and
Possibility to activate this function or to deactivate it. (Option off = no live encryption
Encrypted answer will be sent for the online application)
The quote tool must be responsive and dynamic.
There should be no more than 3 pages that will be clear and clear steps.

The quote tool must be responsive and dynamic.
There should be no more than 3 pages that will be clear and clear steps.
This module will take care of the general charter of the site and will comply with it
You will find the link of my old estimate form under drupal.

And here is a quote form that would get closer to the options I want


Expert on prestashop, good worker, high quality, professionnal.

Skills Required

Prestashop Drupal Expert Website Webdevelopper Developer Module Application


consider it done! we are experts in joomla,wordpress, core php, html, css and bootstrap technologies. we are certified
professionals having combined experience of 25 years.


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