Ad*lt Site Grabber with PHP

Ad*lt Site Grabber with PHP

Hi.. Someone who is proficient with PHP especially in the function CURL, file_get_content, php proxy / useragent, and the like I have a simple job for you.

I need ad*lt site grabber with simple features :

- Pretty Permalink (content, navigation and search result)
- Easy Download for Videos (video link from original site)
- Fetch Images and Displayed with Proxies + Useragent (in my country, porn sites are blocked so i need php proxy integrated in scripts)
- Simple Design and Clean Code
- SEO generator in html meta tag (title, keyword, desc)

Example sites is (do not open it, it's a porn site) all content on this site from another site and image or video not hosted. It seems like they are also does not use a database or anything. Maybe just php, js, html and css only. Can you create something similar? Or even more that.

The target is a biggest adult content sites like PornHub, YouPorn, Tube8, etc (not all are just one site for each job). And I need a demo for this job.

Let's interact if you are interested in my offer.

I've surveyed all the adult scripts sold on the internet, all using the database and making it difficult because many use frameworks and APIs that are not actually proposed.



Skills Required

Php Html Css Javacript


please order me
i will provide your requirement

i can do this job, please ping me for further details.. do not worry, i am being as a web developer for 4 years,
i am looking forward to being hired by you.


i can create you turnkey site similar or identical that you linked in your can abble to use free-proxy-list or your own list. (but you need good proxys.)so, if you need more info or you want to ask something just send me a message or hire me.
i'm almost recreated palmtube.

Created 4 years ago in Programming

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