will you give best script for you in php

will you give best script for you in php

we are ready for all of tools an technology which i have added on this wtb
and also our sharply team working on it


contact any time

Skills Required

php wordpress smarty css html designing seo psdtohtml responsive


an amazing pop-up that shows up at the moment user lands on your website! the user must like or share your website on facebook, twitter, +g, linkedin or any other social network to be able to acces to your website.
this script is very powerfull, and will expand your bussines to social networks with super high chance of going viral, which means ton

i made a php script what can encrypt in 36 way's, also with plain html not styled and javascript / ajax to receive the data. it's a great little tool, some encrypt types below. . . .

md4, md5, crc32b, crc32, sha1, tiger128,3, haval192,3, haval224,3, tiger160,3, haval160,3, haval256,3, tiger192,3, haval128,3, tiger192,4, tiger128,4, tiger160,4, h

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