build a google map app for realtime tracking

build a google map app for realtime tracking

This app is a web app, is going to read user location on the web. if the user go to a store, he will click on "where am I", the location is stored in his device (local storage) as store geolocation. when he gets home, he can click on "take me to the store" and the map app will show him real time direction to the place. just the way it happen with google NOW when i search for a restaurant and ask the app to take me there. second feature of this app is that while the user is moving to this store. the persons at home should be able to see his realtime location on their own screen. see while he is going and coming back from the store. this is just to be used as a demo app.
summery of feature:
1. safe location of a store and my house.
2. get direction from my house to the store
3. track my movement from house to the store.


html5, css, javascript, google map

Skills Required

Google Map


will do that contact us!

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