create basic veg/meat sprites for a game

create basic veg/meat sprites for a game

ok we are looking for ingredients that can be placed on top of pizza

we have image of dough

and here one example ingredient (orange pepper)

you can easily just get images from google or if you want to draw then fine.

But images must look like same design/feel if you know what i mean. For example dont use cartoony style for donner meat and real style for tomatoes. Also the size is important all images must be sized so they are relative to each other. Use the pepper image as an example.

you will deliver all these ingredients as png files with transparent background. these will be used as sprites. Some ingredients can have a slight shadow under them to give a 3d feel, see the pepper example above.

it looks like a lot of work but some of these ingredients can be just simple shapes for example sweetcorn is like just small yellow square,

when you create a new ingredient place it on the pizza base image above see if it look good. remember the finished pizza will have red tomato paste on the base, so if the ingredient is red give it some texture, bit of shadow so it stands out a bit.

Ingredients List:
I will send full list of about 40 ingredients to winning bidder. Here are some examples:
Leeks,Beetroot,Broccoli,Capers,Carrot,Cherry tomatoes
Bacon,Chicken,Mince Meat,Beef
Masala Fish,Anchovies,Crayfish,Lobster,Oysters

Serious worker only please.



Skills Required

Graphic Photoshop


i am a graphic designer. i have designed many posters and logos. so you can order me....

i will do it hoe you want. i have read what you wrote.

i am a professional graphic designer with over 7 year experience in designing and photo retouching .i am here to offer you my skills and experience to help you grow and develop your business and your brand identity.i can provide you with a complete range of design solutions to improve and enhance the impact your brand has in your marketplace.

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