design a referrer site

design a referrer site

here is how the matching system works...
We have plans EG,
Plan A 10 point to start
Plan B 20 point to start
Plan C 30 point to start
Plan D 40 point to start

After Registration, the first ever registered/Activated user stays on a line according to the amount of point u want to donate.
The next registered user is the matched/paired/merged to donate same amount of coin you donated when u registered/activated your account.
those two users that was paired to the last activated users stays on the line waiting for the next users to register and get paid to them.
So the if then statement continues

Mind you admin or the user that received the donated point will be the one to activate your account before you can be on the line to get get point too.
And after you get your point you can decide to donate points again following same step



Skills Required

Html5 Css3 Js Php Database Referrals


i can do that referrer site you are talking about. message me so we can talk about it further.

you can check my works here

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