Custom platform like Hootsuite and Zapier

Custom platform like Hootsuite and Zapier

I'm a social media manager and looking for a good developper (or a good team of developper) to create a custom tool for social media automation and community management.
This tool will be able to :
- manage social media accounts (-facebook, twitter, instagram)
- to schedule posts.
- Fetch RSS feeds from social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc.)
- Apply conditions like Zapier (test and to know what i'm talking about).
- Fetch video from facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion links and post to other social media..

And this tool have to be easy to use with some nice designs (easy to use by people who doesn't know programming).
We have many fonctionnalities to add to this tool but we are looking for some interested people with the required skills.


- Programming
- Facebook API
- Twitter API
- Instagram, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo.
- Social media tools
- JS
- etc...

Skills Required

Programming Php Js Javascript Ajax Xml Api App


i know a team who develops great websites, they are very creative,young ...i prefer you to contact with them here is link of them they make their own website to provide services to people !! thanks

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