Extract My Email Content

Extract My Email Content

I have around 25,00 emails that contain my lead info from the last year of campaign, the lead info is in the body of each message, i need to extract the info from each of my emails into a text file.


These leads have been legally acquired and owned by myself, these people have asked to be contacted by my company, there in my inbox. These are current customers and potential customers interested in my products, i just need to compile all of there info for storing and use in my marketing campaigns.

Skills Required

Script scraper code


please pm me, to get information detail

hi there, i can help you. pm me for further details.

hello, i recently completed my a+ and network+ cetificates and one of the jobs that i had to do was just that. it won't be hard for me to do the job and in fact i'm sure that i can do it in less than 24 hours!

you won't find a better offer here! take care.

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