need a developper help

need a developper help

hello i have a payment processor script that i get it from internet called solarpay need some updates and error fixes and add some missing pages to that page and make a newer database because the current one is too old and contain some error so its not easy to dumb it to the database

also i want an added feature for an extra price will be paid separateley for the developper who will accept my offer to fix this script errors

the feature is to add a new payment gateway module for deposit option to the script and that it's to use prepaid cards to recharge user account as cell phones unit recharge cards

people buy a card scratch the card to reveal the code and insert the code to fund their account with the specified card code amount

features of this modules:

  • the system will generates cards codes with specified amount choosed by the admin its mean that i want want to generate 1000 card of 10$ it done within a click the system will generate it
  • generate also a serial number for every card code generated
  • ability to recover the recharge card through card serial number search
  • every code recharged will be deleted and out of stock
  • this used code cannot be re-generated by the system when creating new recharge cards numbers

i will pay for this module 50$

Redesign the home page look with a responsive design 20$

thats mean in generally i will pay 100$ for all of this


a well talent developper:

i will send you the script and you install it on your server and browse the site for errors

  1. ?fix the script error and make it related to my domain because its too much realted to so it need to browse the site to see errors
  2. rewrite the database
  3. add missing pages in admin panel ( write new ones).
  4. add the new module to the script and match it with deposit options

Skills Required

Php Mysql Mysqli Wordpress Html


i can do this for you

hey there,

it will be our pleasure to work with you on this project. i am a php web developer with 8+ years of experience. i have worked on integrating various apis like paypal, google maps, facebook api, twitter api, instagram api etc.i possess the following skillsets which are required for your project

skills: html, css, php, mysql, twitter

hi sir, i am willing to fix errors for you for just $5 at a low price, please pm me if interested.

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