Small Android Messenger App

Small Android Messenger App

I'm looking for someone who has a Messenger App script for Android that he can customize to my needs ... I want a small little messenger app for my company's clients ...
It should have the following features :

- simple text/chat
- file sending (pics,pdf,documents)
- message self destruction after X period of time on/off
- message encryption if possible
- simple register/login

I need a complete app script + customized ... I am also willing to pay more than 100$ but please CONTACT ME FIRST to discuss details of service ... I do not plan on selling the app for money, it's supposed to be a free app ...

If you can also care for the support of the app when launched then I can also give you a monthly payment too .. It's all subject to negotiation ...


iOS / Android App Development & Coding
Appstore Knowledge

Skills Required

App Ios Androiddevelop Blackberry Programming Coding


have a wonderful day.

i will provide you real messenger app script for android simple text/chat- file sending (pics,pdf,documents)- message self destruction after x period of time on/off- message encryption if possible- simple register/login. i will provide you all details by any format.


Created 5 years ago in Programming

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