Lead Scraping Software

Lead Scraping Software

Looking for a one-of a kind Lead Scraping Software with the ability to scrape leads form any web site, any search engine and all Yellow Pages


The software should work much like a database that allows us to scrap the data of the World Wide Web. It should provide a graphical interface allowing us to designate URL's, data elements to be extracted and scripting logic to traverse pages and work with scraped data.

Some of the other futures with this software that we need is:

Semi-automatic data extraction from web sites using CAPTCHA protection.
Duplicate data detection and removal. It should be able to extract website data from most framesets and iframes with an web content grabber.
Unique selection features allow us to extract website data from web pages with an unstructured "flow" of content.
Ability to extract many different types of data with a web content grabber, such as text, links, images, files, meta tags, tag attributes and many more.
Ability to extract screenshots of webpage’s or elements within a webpage.
Among other things it must be great for Extracting real estate property information
Extract restaurants data
And many more.
Scrape unstructured date (raw) from any web site and transfer this to Excel.
Need to be able to change proxy or clear cookies before doing every action, the software can visit sites anonymously.

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Created 8 years ago in Programming

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