can you FIX this wordpress Issue

can you FIX this wordpress Issue

Hi friend,

Got some unexpected error in my wordpress site was working fine but don't how suddenly start getting this error...
let me know if anyone fix this issue ...

Also when i try to login it gives this type of error >>>>
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Wordpress Database Issue Mysqul Php Programming


i can do it perfectly

mam just order me i will solve ur problem mmdmahbub

we will fix the issue in your wordpress site, fast & affordable!
contact us for more detail, or order us to get started

i can do this for you.

hi, seems your wordpress site not connected with database. you need to setup mysql connection again. i can do this within half an hours. let me know if you are interested. thanks.

i can help you to solve the issues that you are getting on your wordpress site. i have to check that how big is the problem then only i can tell rates.


hi, this is because some one has used db connection statically in your code which is wrong. i will correct this problem once and for all.

looks like an issue within the current theme that's been set. i know a number of possible tricks for these types of wordpress login issues. i should be able to complete this as long as you are able to provide ssh or cpanel access to the hosting account.

Created 5 years ago in Programming

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