Real Estate Site and CRM

Real Estate Site and CRM

Hi veryone,
I have a Wordpress theme and a CRM Script which i want to customize and conect them. Is for real estate. Basically whati want is the following things:

Agents profile
Allow upload properties
Allow send private messages to admin
Allow import properties in XML (Or other formats) and auto publish them
Allow download or send selected properties in PDF
Must to be conected with the website. I mean, the agents can upload properties from the CRM to the website.
The CRM can import an XML or other format properties list and automatically publish them on the website
I can assign properties and contacts to the Agents.
Website analytics, like most search, what property was looking for and who (agent).
Allow send emails with properties selected in PDF
Import / Export
Automatically publish in some directories sites (Like, and 6 more portals)
Calendar with task
Property list with featured image and attached files.

Almost is already mada in the website template and script. I just need somebody who can customize then and add some more functions.

Bassically i need a CRM conected with my website which allow me track every movement of my agents and allow me publish my properties in other websites that i have to say to the developer. I very good CRM is this one.

Direc. 1
Direc. 2
Direc. 3
Direc. 4
Direc. 5
Direc. 6

CRM References :


Customize the wordpress theme and let me import a XML property list file to my site. I have a API for the CRM i use at the moment.


Mu to be a website developer with SQL, XML, PHP, JS, ...
Must to speak english or spanish

Skills Required

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