Custom Magento Features + Floating Footer Flash Ad Banner

Custom Magento Features + Floating Footer Flash Ad Banner

I need someone to copy some Magento features from a competitors website and feature it on my home page.

You need to implement these two features organized on my page.

#1 - Custom Search - This will be the main feature that gets customers to interact with the website. The source that has this feature is Vapor Nation , please visit the site and bid accordingly of how much work it will take.

Step 1 - Customers Choose what type of vaporizer they want - portable, desktop or pen

Step 2 - Customers choose the material they want the vaporizer to utilize : Oils, waxes or herb.

Step 3 - If users chose portable they choose the type of materials they want to vape with: Herbs, Oils or Waxes and on Step 3 they choose the Heating Source: Butane, Flame or Battery . If users choose Desktop - Users choose for step 2 the materials they want to vape with - Oils, waxes or herbs and then they choose the delivery method: Whip-style, Forced-air or dual.

Step 3 Portable (Image Below)

Last Step is the Results. A bunch of vaporizer listings from what the users imputed shows the results within the search box.

#2 -
Floating Count Down Banner- Please see Vapor Nation to check out the floating banner that has a countdown on specific store wide savings and different offers depending what they promote throughout the holidays.


Requirements :

  • Must be an expert in understanding + Programming Magento Coding
  • Must be an expert in PHP, SQL, Java, CSS, HTML
  • Must know how to design and structure websites
  • Must be an expert in graphics
  • Must know and understand what and how to read codes and implement coding
  • Must complete this job exactly as I need and describe.

By bidding and accepting this job, you must agree if I feel you're lazy, slacking, not knowledge with this job or can complete it, I can cancel with a full refund at any time and any of your work done is yours to keep and legally I wouldn't be allowed to use it if this were to be canceled.

Note - I will pay bonuses for performance, communication, straight time worked and speed as well as experience and expertise. Im a serious businessman, take work seriously and expect perfect results.

Skills Required


order now ..inbox me for more discuss

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